We’ve been working so hard on getting our finances back on track:

first with my own debts, right after FPU, and then with the revelation this summer that DH had some spending issues of his own. It just seemed …….. a step in the wrong direction. Yet it would definitely be equipment that we’ll end up buying anyway, at some point. And a sale is a sale is a sale. I’ve been going back and forth today a lot. Didn’t help that I talked to Dad about it (Dad being a big fan of old iron and old farms and a rare cheerleader for me when I’m down), and his pronouncement was “geez, honey, you’re not talking about that much money you know. I blow that much taking your mother to Vegas. And you’d get a working tractor out of it.” Gosh, Dad, that’s……..um, not helpful. We won’t be discussing it tonight, so I’ll just let it lie another day or two and see if anything changes on this, either in terms of my own thoughts or DH’s preferences. Y’all will of course be the first ones to know how it all shakes out. Gotta love Monday morning homework reports.