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Do a good research like I did! The concept is great and so are the tools to build it but they are way to expensive when you are building the business. A tape that sell in other cie for 1.5 $ sell for 10 $ with them. You do the math. @ years ago close to 20 diamonds wanted to resign from their Diamondship and sell their group to Amway, not because their were not making money but because they didn’t feel well with they way it was done and their value. Dexter block the transaction. Some of them still decided to quit or even join other company or organization.

Do your research! Also during different events, you have leadership session where you pay at the door without receving any receipt. Kind of strange!!

I dont think all are bogus

yes, since some people thru hardwork was able to take advantage of the multimarketing compensation package because, ergo not all are scams, if there is only a way that we can educate people on how to spot a scam or a legal ML, we can greatly help the vast of majority who are still the target of this scam mlm companies.