Why not make a goal thermometer, such as the one attached, to chart his progress?

Matter of fact, I would find a picture of a DS and make my own chart out of the DS image with tick marks to denote his progress toward saving for a repair.

Is he to save up/cut out items for the entire amount? Or will there be some parental contribution of money versus in-kind contributions such as the money you didn’t spend on snacks at the grocery store? I ask because I would use different colors to denote where the money comes from. Red might be his birthday money contribution, Green might be a certain percentage of his allowance (I forget the word Dave Ramsey uses), Purple might be the money he saved by not buying snacks and blue might be the money mom and dad contributed because you want to see him progress toward his goals. He can tell by the percentage of color, where his money is coming from.

If he’s not paying for his snacks now, he won’t get the full concept of you not paying for the snacks unless you put the money in his hand so he can save it for the repair. I would probably take him to the grocery store, have cash on hand and when he doesn’t get an item he usually gets, put the cash for that item in his hand right in the grocery store. Then he can count up that money when he gets home, and color in his chart for that much money saved.

So, my son’s DS broke

We originally purchased it used on Ebay for Christmas last year. The parts got wet. He had it in a bag for a field trip for daycare and the water bottle leaked. So, it is not like he was irresponsible, but it is broken. We have attempted a few thngs ourselves, but nothing has worked so we contacted the company. We can get it fixed for 85 dollars.

We’d like to use this as a teaching lesson for my son. He is 7. We want to show him the process of saving up for the repair. We’ll talk to him about cutting out some things like sweats etc. from the grocery bill and have him pitch in 20 dollars of his birthday money. But, I’d really like him to understand the process and the importance of not paying for something unless you cut out costs elsewhere.

Anyone have any child friendly ideas for getting this across. My son does have ADHD and so his understand of some common sense things (like time) is behind a typical child. So, maybe think of a 5 year old.

I’m thinking of a chart and maybe an envelope and having him count and chart it, but I can’t quite visualize the best kind of chart to use.

Good catch!

Yes, Hal is saying the right stuff. I hope you didn’t sign up for membership, but if you did call the main company, not just your upline and cancel it. If you get any products in the mail, call for an RMA return number immediately and return them asap. If you get any biz aids that maybe charged for, return it to the main company not your upline. If it’s just a catalog or spam stuff throw them in the trash. These guys are sneaky at best. Don’t give them too many reasons why you quit. They will try to get you back and are so brain washed they think what they do is nothing wrong. They can’t handle to much information. Be short and sweet and to the point.

Good luck and thanks for your military support! I married into an army family so I know what it can be like.

I was almost recruited by an ACN rep too

I think ACN is among the most likely to catch people, because as you say, it does seem legit. Indeed, their service IS legit – reselling telecommunications. Then you find out the whole thing is one big MLM. Their legality has been (unsuccessfully) challenged by the Australian and Canadian governments. They slip through because they claim that the product is the focus, and the residuals are the main source of income, when in fact the major money is made (by very few) by relentless recruiting.

Be careful

Make sure you didn’t sign up for autoship – you need to cancel that seperately. I have known some situations(gym memberships) where cancelling the credit card is not sufficient. They can still ding your credit if the payment does not go through. Make sure your membership with ACN is cancelled.

almost got me!!

i am a san diego resident currently serving in the u.s. navy. i signed up for the acn mlm. i thought this was my big break because i have seen alot of marketing scemes throughout my days but this one seemed legit. i signed for the enrollment fee of 499. and when i got home i decided to do research because it was kinda odd that they wanted my cr3dit card numbers and the numbers on the back of my credit card!! no one ever asked for the number on the back unless i were purchasing something online. so when i did my research i found that acn isnt all that its cracked up to be. so i immediately canceled my credit card!!
thanks google!! lol

My standard policy is that you can use my work as long as

1) I’m given due credit, including contact info (I prefer [email protected]…), 2) that what I write, or part of what I write, is not taken out of context, and 3) That it is in NO WAY used to support an MLM.

So if I read you correctly, that you are using it as an anti-MLM post/blog, that’s fine with me. I’m just greedy enough to want credit for it.

I have a lot of other posts where I’ve taken apart or commented on various things in MLM and you’re welcome to use them if you feel like dredging through the archives.

After thinking about it, I realize I also forgot the context. If they’re trying to put on a good show and have worn shoes or signs of wear on their suit or good clothes, then yes, that’s a sure give-away.
I’m so rarely in such situations (and like to avoid them) that I tend to forget about such settings. Heck, I don’t think I even wore a tie to my Father’s funeral. (He knew how much I hated them!)

If you’re savy with that?

It was primarily to talk about my thoughts on Amway, but lately, I’ve focussed my critical eye on TEAM.

I wouldn’t want to do it without your permission though.

I agree that someone’s shoes are NOT a good benchmark as to someone’s level of success. I know some folk who don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of wearing designer custom shoes.

I also know one millionaire in particular who wears consistently what some would refer to as $hit kickers.

My first goal is to get this karate school going

we finally have the keys. We need to get it cleaned up, painted and everything we have been collecting will go there and get out of my house and storage—DH has taken over the house and I can’t find anything or do any productive cleaning.

then, I want to do a good declutter of what is left in the house and clean. That will improve everyone’s health and decrease the stress levels.